Thursday, 27 March 2014

My Name is Claire and I'm Addicted to Ebay

I think I really am.  I've started checking the app now to see how my listings are doing.

I've gone from listing a few things to finding things to list.  It's all part of my big clear and and organisation plan  but I'm loving the pennies (and they usually are a few pennies) it brings in.  I love seeing the amount clocking up, then BAM into the savings account.

The strangest things sell on ebay though.  I've sold a Freeview Box for more than it was brand new from Argos and I've sold about 70 balls of wool which started an eBay stampede.

I've found books don't sell well on eBay so I'll probably do a Blog Sale to get rid of the Cookbooks I don't use...(please subscribe for this one as I'll probably post it either this Saturday or next Saturday)

But by far my favourite sell is this one....

Bizzare Ebay Sell

I have sold a Morrisons voucher that I received for spending £40 in store a few weeks ago.  I can't use the voucher because I missed the week 2 voucher by being frugal and shopping at Lidl.  So the voucher was worthless to me.  Or so I thought.  I have sold it on Ebay for £4.41 and there's the proof right up there!!  I paid a 10p listing fee as the auction started at 99p and there will be 10% (44p) taken by eBay. Add that to the paypal fees of 33p and I'm left with a profit of 4.14.  Worth it?  I think so for a voucher I could do nothing with other than buy a week 2 voucher on eBay or bin!

How good?!

How exciting!!  So my eBay addiction is not waning and I'm loving it more than ever as an unexpected income stream!

Whoop Whoop!!

What's the most you've made on an item eBay and what's the oddest thing you have sold?  I'd love to hear!


  1. I quickly became addicted to ebay in 1995, before the site went public and ebay became a household word. Back in those days, you needed to know HTML to create a listing. It was so frustrating! Anyway, my husband and I got completely addicted to going to garage sales and finding all kinds of junk, like a Davy Jones autobiography for 10 cents (which we sold for $50). Soon we started going to estate sales and auctions. We got carried away on the bidding and sometimes came home with items that we had no idea how to mail ... like antique lightning rods! We used to love to bid on the mixed lots of junk and often had our most luck there. We bought a box that had antique valentines, a Vietnam soldier's scrapbook and more. And we made a killing. Today, people don't let things of value go for 10 cents at a sale. They're too savvy. Also, there are too many businesses on ebay, selling new merchandise. It used to be mostly collectors. I often get no bids at all, because there is so much competition. But I remain addicted to finding junk around the house I don't want and seeing what I can make on it!

  2. I had a girlfriend once who literally could not tell you what a mouse was, and so for her first lesson in computers I introduced her to ebay - and let me tell you, she wanted to learn pretty darn fast from there on in! I've sold a few bits on there, but agree with the lady above, there are so many businesses on now that it is quite a different place. Enjoy the buzz though and the extra pennies! #AllAboutYou

  3. Wow! I didn't realise eBay was anything but what it is today. I agree it is a crowded marketplace and I would love an alternative as scoring by eBay on feedback and stuff is unfair.

    I've not sold anything for a week and I'm seriously missing the pennies trickling in!

    Thanks for commenting :)



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