Sunday, 30 March 2014

So That Was March 2014

March 2014 saw my focussed return to blogging.  I read all your blogs and I felt I needed to get back to it.  I've found this time I've more structure, probably because my head is more organised.

So what did I share with you over the last month?

The most read post was my review of Talk First Baby Signing Classes.  No wonder Joyce is a regular sponsor!

Talk First - Baby and Pre-School Classes

I started my series of 10 Minute Organising Tasks.  This month saw me Detrashing the Car and Speed Cleaning the Bathroom

I've contributed to Meal Planning Monday on at Home With Mrs M - Thank you to all you lovely foodies that have commented, particularly those advising a vinyl sheet.  I've put my meal plans on my Pinterest Board  and there's some great pictures of meal planning boards.  I think I'll make one in April actually.  I've posted a couple of recipes, Hot Dog Pasta and Home Made Potato Cakes on my other Home Organisation Blog

I've ranted on a Friday, particularly about the NHS, Child Eating Disorders and School interfering with food matters.

And I've offered my wisdom about Children's eyesight and opened up about my addiction!  There was also a free downloads of a scavenger hunt to keep the kids on track.

Oh and I posted an actual picture of me rather than my fave avatar.

It's been a good month I think!

Hope you come back for April.  I'll be doing a money project with the kids over the Easter Hols to see just how much the do understand the concept of Money (that starts on Thursday the 3rd) subscribe so you don't miss that, it'll be a good one or follow me on Bloglovin'

Thanks for Reading

C x 

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