Monday, 31 March 2014

Meal Planning Monday - Kids Choice

Don't even ask how last weeks self feeding went.  With all the good intentions, I was chasing him with a bowl and when I wasn't doing that he was trying to climb out of his highchair.  

I sound like a case for Supernanny!  It's not that bad (honestly.) (I don't think!)

So this week, Again, we're on kids food and I've let the bigger two choose their favorites.  The Easter Hols are nearly upon us and I need to muster resolve for that.  In my quest for an organised life, I'm now activity planning, so I've given the meal planning task to the big boys.

Here's their plan

Monday:  Potato Cakes, Bacon and Beans

Tuesday:  Macaroni Cheese and Bacon

Wednesday: Fajita Buffet Bar

Thursday: Home Made Chicken Strips and Chips

Friday: Home Made Doner Kebab (Thanks to recipe on Mortgage Free in Three)

Saturday:  Oh a well earned takeaway for all!!

Sunday:  The Big 3 Courser - Melon - Slow Cooked Lamb - Ice Cream Buffett!!

I'm also trying to get weight on my 12 year old so we need to plan desserts as well as main courses rather than the haphazard approach of look in the cupboard and choose!  I've written a little about the food diary situation, but will be putting a lot of effort this week into planning several months of food to get some weight on the lad.  

If you have an underweight child, I'd be really interested to hear from you as I feel the care given is dismissive and unhelpful.  Oh I feel a rant coming on, I'll rein it in!!

There's bags more meal plans (mostly done by grown ups!) over on At Home With Mrs M - Please go and have a look.  I love a good nosey!

Have a fabulous week, all of you!!

Claire x 


  1. Mmmm fajita buffet bar sounds great! I love Mexican food :-) #mealplanningmonday

  2. I was an underweight child, I weighed less than 5 stones well into my teens. I ate more than my father, so goodness knows why I was so tiny. Doctors used to laugh if either parent brought up my weight. Would milkshakes be good for weight gain?

  3. This is the first run for the Fajita buffet bar! It's a fancy way of me saying "I've cooked it so plate up yourself!!" haha!

  4. Milkshakes are on the menu, he's not too keen now so I think the smoothie maker will have to come out again just to make it interesting. Doctors can be so blergh. My brother in law was told his son was fine compared to the starving children in Africa. Unreal and so uncaring. You must have a fast metabolism! Thanks for commenting :)

  5. Ohh yum!! Everything sounds fab!!
    My eldest is underweight due to heart problems....The dietitian's at the hospital are useless....They said eat full fat food....Lots of butter, cream and fatty foods! Everything which is bad for you and especially bad for your heart! The heart specialist told me to ignore them & Just keep feeding her as I do and try to give her bigger portions of healthier food....

  6. Don't you just want to ask if they are actually qualified, and if so, are they having a complete incompetent moment?!

    We're getting there slowly, it's a mind change that's needed as he sees skinny as healthy and a normal weight as fat. He's getting there though and eating more.

    Thanks for commenting, I feel loads better knowing its not just us getting Duff Advice!!

    C x



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