Thursday, 27 March 2014

How to do a Scavenger Hunt

All kids seem to want to do nowadays is play on a console or talk on facetime.  I find it frustrating and they get ratty when they just sit staring at the screen so I regularly set up activities which don't involve any screen time.

As you know, I like to do a physical activity after school and this is one of my favorites - a scavenger hunt.  Can be done inside on a rainy day or outside.

Get Outside and Scavenge!

You will Need:

This Printout

A Bag for each child

A pencil

How To:

On the printout there is a completed sheet (which is items in our home to give you an idea) and there is a blank sheet.

If you are using the blank sheet, fill in with items in your home, garden or popular nature items you'll find at your hunt site.  I like to add items of interest such as an old photo or strange holiday trinket, something that will get a conversation and learning discussion started.

Make sure all the items can be found, I usually move a few from their usual places to a hiding place (I like to try to outsmart the kids!!).  Outside hunts are great because you never know what they'll come back with!

The kids can either take the items and put them in their bag or just write down where the item is, up to you.

The winner is the person with the most items or the person to finish first.  In the event of just one child doing the hunt, I give the prize for more than 75% of the list.  

I reward the winner with the choice of a Golden Time activity.  It's something we can all do together and a treat with is decided by the winner.  Unfortunately they do sometimes choose 30 minutes on the xbox which kind of defeats my no screen time activity, but hey, they worked for it.

A great way to reduce screen time, get the kids on their feet and pass an hour. (and chance to grab a quiet coffee for you!!)

Happy Hunting!

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  1. Genius =P

    My son cant play this alone yet but I will try to do it because its sounds fun =)




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