Friday, 21 March 2014

Please, Not Another Food Diary - or leave my kid alone!

Schools are Obsessed with food diaries and it is driving me insane.

Unfortunately, they are also obsessed with providing my child with breakfast, which, call me traditional but I like to feed my kids when they wake up, not starve them until 10.30 break.  

The healthy eating message is rammed down their throats (not literally) and I know it has led one of my boys to lose weight year on year.  He chooses vegetables and fruit instead of chocolate and crisps.  Most people would be glad but add to that the message of portion control the fact that anyone of a healthy size is bordering on obesity and heart disease leads to the wrong message getting through and has left him with a potential eating disorder.

I know some kids don't get breakfast and I know food poverty is at an all time high in this country, but seriously, how many food diaries can be disguised as a project?!  If you want to know, ask. Don't disguise it as a science project.  

To have a 6 year old read the back of a crisp packet and comment on the amount of sugar in it is wrong.  They should enjoy food for what it is.  It's the parents job to moderate it.

What do you think about the forthcoming free school meals for key stage 1?

From experience, school dinners don't fill my boys but I do agree that the cost was too much.

My eldest is in high school and costs an arm and a leg on snacks, but I can't grumble as at least he's eating now he's left the healthy eating dictatorship of primary school.

What are your views on this, I'd love to hear if anyone else is in the same situation

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  1. I have a preschooler at the moment so no project like this yet thank God.



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