Saturday, 8 March 2014

Ten Minute Task - Detrash The Car

Every day, I end up seeing how much I can squeeze in on the home organisation front.  If I don't, things will get out of hand and what is manageable becomes a mammoth task which is daunting and, quite frankly, the beginning of the end as I will be overfaced!

So I thought I'd start blogging my 10 minute tasks to show how small actions make a massive difference.

Today's Task Is


This is what I got in 10 minutes, including the glove box and organising the stuff that needs to stay in the car such as phone chargers and loyalty cards.

From the Rubbish Car!!
The boys are being made to bring EVERYTHING in when they leave the car and I have been disciplined and not filled my door pocket with drive thru wrappings (yet! - I've not been at work this week!)

Confession:  I've not tackled the boot yet.

To keep on top of things I'm going to put a duster in the centre console and give the dash a wipe over whilst waiting at the petrol station.  I figure this will save me on cleaning time and my next 10 minute task on the car can be a mat bash and hoover.

I'm also going to put together a car kit of essentials as the emergency nappies in the glove box were a size 1 (he now is in 5's) and there's no drinks or snacks for those mithering journeys!  I think most people go for first aid kits and the like rather than cleaning products and child pacifiers but hey-ho!!

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