Monday, 24 March 2014

Meal Planning Monday - Finger Food Revolt!!

I'm at the stage with the youngest where he wants to feed himself with cutlery.  He wants the same as us and wants to do it himself.  Oh Joy!  Now moving the dining room to the carpeted room does not seem a good idea.  I'm wondering if a buffet in the kitchen is a daily possibility for the next six months?

So, I shall bite the bullet and cease arguing with a 15 month old because I can't win.  Not only can he out ERRRRR me but he can now sign his requirements thanks to his baby sign class.

Here's my plan for the week.

Monday:  Hot Dog Pasta Bake

Tuesday: Chicken Dinner (maybe without gravy!)

Wednesday:  Fish and Chips

Thursday:  Not So Chilli and Nachos

Friday: Sausage and .... (cringe) Mash with lots of rolling peas and sweetcorn

Saturday: Takeaway (Home made chicken strips and wedges for Mr Independence)

Sunday: The Big 3 Courser - (not decided exactly what yet!)

I know I've jibbed out somewhat and decided on food that can be finger food, but break me in gently, its 5 years since I did this!! (and we had a laminated floor)

How did you get through this phase of the toddler war for independence?

Advice please!!!
This post is linked up with Mrs M's Meal Planning Monday.  There's loads and loads of healthy meal plans over there plus great plans on a budget.  I urge you to look!! 


  1. Sounds good, I'm sure your little one will love getting stuck in! I can't advise I'm afraid, I have toddler twins who are the same :-) have a fun week x #MealPlanningMonday

  2. Could you maybe put a plastic sheet down while he is mastering cutlery?

  3. Ha hahah, you are going through what we are,,, a carpet and a baby.. recipe for disaster!! Mine is going through a fad and will really only eat pasta. Thats it. always pasta with a combination of different things... back to meal planning, do you make your hot dog pasta ith the pasta coming through the hot dogs? ive seen pics on pinterest:0

  4. I can't believe I didn't think of a plastic sheet! Durgh!! I even did that with my eldest, well, I used the mat out of the Twister game!!

  5. I've just looked on Pinterest and the ones with the spaghetti in are Amazing! That is on the plan for Easter Holiday Dinners.

    No my version is fusilli with hot dogs chopped and stirred in.

    Here's the link (its on my other blog)

    Thanks for pointing me in the direction of the spaghetti hotdogs, I'm thinking those, mixed in a thick tomato sauce and served in a taco shell a-la iCarly

    Thanks for commenting too!

    C :)

  6. Ohh yum! Everything sounds so good especially the Hot Dog Pasta bake....My girls would love that x

  7. Definitely the plastic sheet over everything - and one of those huge bibs that cover youngest too! Tbh mine have tendency not to use cutlery still at times (they're now 6 and 10) so good luck to you. Menu sounds great




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