Monday, 17 March 2014

Meal Planning Monday - Spring Fever

I don't know about you but I feel so much better now the weather has picked up and we've got sunshine.  I've tackled the garden this weekend so hopefully we'll get a few lunches outside in the sun this week.

So with the clocks due to change I figured we're not going to want stodgy comfort food much so I'm going for everything I'll miss over the summer!!

Monday: Chicken Enchilladas (recipe from At Home With Mrs M)

Wednesday:  Cod with Cheesy Chorizo Topping, potato salad and err...more salad

Friday: Gluten Free Slow Cooker Hot Pot

Saturday: Take Away

Sunday:  Nigella's Cola Ham, chips and mushy peas 

Is your menu getting a fresher, less stodgy theme?

I'm ready for a crisp salad in the garden I think!

Have a fabulous week!

This post is linked up with #mealplanningmonday on At Home With Mrs M.  There's loads of ideas and menus up there are some are absolute genius with so little money spent on great healthy food.  Go and have a look.  Go on!


  1. Nigella's Cola Ham is yummy! Do you use coke or cherry coke? I tried it with cherry coke at Christmas & it was really nice. Think I will have to make that again very soon :)! Have a good week! xx

    1. Whoa! Didn't event think of using Cherry Coke!!! I shall be doing that! Thank you, Denise!!

  2. Ohh yum! Everything sounds so good!
    Liking the sound of the Cod with Cheesy Chorizo Topping :)

    1. It was nice but not well executed!! I half saw the recipe on Good Food channel and did from memory. Not pretty but very tasty! haha!



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