Sunday, 20 April 2014

A Day in the Life - Infinite Claire

Most of my friends and family regularly, and have for years I may add, get digs in that I don't do any work.

I do actually own my own business, believe it or not - and most choose not to!!

For those who don't know I'm a Health and Safety Consultant and I own my own company Infinite Safety Ltd.  I work mainly with Construction Clients in the Lancashire Area and I work part time.

I work part time for two reasons.  Mainly because
I want to be there for my children and because I left my last full time job just before I became pregnant with my second son which coincided with the start of the recession therefore the grinding halt of the Construction industry.

So, to echo the question of my friends and family...

What do you actually do all day?

Well, thanks for asking, this actually!

6.30 Start being woken up by middle child

6.45 Get up without waking up youngest child

7.00 Breakfasts, baby feed and change, then get ready

8.00 Wake up the eldest and suggest getting dressed before school

8.30 Leave for school run, pack up car for work and despair at slow drivers

8.39 Drop off Eldest

8.45 Despair at school run arrangements around primary school

8.48 Drop off Middle (ist)

8.53 Pick up Mother

8.59 Drop Mother and Baby at Home and Leave for Work

9.30 Arrive on 1st site and do construction site inspection.

10.15 Write reports, make necessary phone calls

10.30 Bid farewell for 3 weeks and listen for the cheer

11.00 Arrive on 2nd construction site which is usually better than the first because the first site has phoned the second site to warn them

11.15 Write reports, make necessary phone calls, throw a decoy that I'm not going to the third site.

11.30  Leave and eat lunch on way to next visit, which is actually a factory.

11.45 Undertake workplace inspection and fire risk assessment in a sample book factory.

12.45 Leave for the third site

1.05  Arrive on third site much to the non-surprise of the site manager who has prompted everyone to wear PPE and walk on the footpath

1.15  Catch people not using footpath and issue sub-contractors notice on non-compliance

1.30 Give toolbox talk on the importance of traffic management

2.15 Check tyres are still inflated and no rude words written in dirt on car before leaving for school run

2.35 Get home, pick up mother, drop off mother and go back home

2.45 Make a decent brew and cuddle baby boy

3.07 Set off for Primary school run

3.09-3.14 Circle like a demented crazy woman looking for a parking space then send massive angel thanks to the parent of the reception kid who vacates a space I can get into

3.15-3.30 Hang round waiting for child to be released at teachers leisure (not like I have anything else to do)

3.30 Half an hour on the park

4.00 Put shepherds pie in oven and go out and walk dog

4.30 Return home and put veggies on

5.00  Sit down for dinner battle

5.05 Consider that gravy isn't an outfit enhancing accessory.

5.30 Clean kitchen

5.45  Sort out homework

6.15 Demand middlest has a shower

6.30 Suggest cleanliness to eldest and play with baby and middlest

7.30 Get baby's bath and bottle ready, then get other twos rooms ready for bed

8.00 Middlest to bed, eldest banished to room to read (ha!) or to no doubt play on iphone

8.30 Baby to bed

8.33 Hot Cup of Tea and half an hour chill

9.00 Type up and email reports, go through and action emails.

10.30 Get packed lunches ready for tomorrow

10.45 Get bags ready for tomorrow

10.50 Pick everything up and tidy off floor - sweep floors

10.55 Load washer for tomorrow

11.00 Spend half an hour on marketing for Infinite Safety or do blog posts for My Cava Lifestyle

11.30ish Bath and Bed

So that is what I do!  In response to those who poke me for not working, I am organised and work hard but efficiently so I get more done.  Ha!!

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