Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Personalised Star Chart

Over the years of tantrums and tears, mainly mine, I have found an invaluable tool in getting the boys to toe the line and act more human and less caveman.  It's the star chart.

We've tried the naughty step.  We've tried the toy confiscation.  We've tried early bedtimes and mollycoddling and pretty much the only guaranteed method that works for all of us, is the Star Chart.

Kids are used to various forms of token winning and card charts at school and toe the line to get the hallowed Golden Time, the opportunity to play rather than work.  There is no reason why this can't work in the home too.

Set the Ground Rules

For this to work, establish the ground rules to avoid cried of "That's Unfair".  The most important thing here is that it is fair and your child is rewarded for doing as they should.  If you don't do what you say you will, they will never forget and the whole process is undermined.

So here's the rules

Stars are given by an Adult as a reward for good behaviour.

The child must colour in the stars when they have earned it (not mentally bank them stating this and that as a reason for earning a star)

Agree on a timescale when the goal reward will be given, I think at the next weekend is fair.

Follow Through You promised it.  You need to let them have their reward.

Goal Setting

So why set a goal?  Motivation.  Simple as that.  If there is no reward, your child will lose interest and won't see the point.

Reward good behaviour in a way they can see the results and benefit from their good work and your child will soon turn effort into routine and habit.

You can download a template Star Chart in Word Format Here.  It can be personalised to your child's name and they can (or you for the young ones) write in their reward

Good luck and let me know how you go on!


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