Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Ten Minute Task - Cleaning the Front Door

Nothing is more welcoming than a clean shiny front door and likewise, nothing is more off putting than a dirty door that has not been cleaned.  What will the rest of the house be like?

So this weeks 10 minute task is to clean your front door (and the back if you work like a dynamo!)

- Grab a bowl of hot soapy water and wipe the inside of the door down with a cloth

- Really get into those nooks and crannies

- Give it a wipe down with an old towel to avoid water marks

- Clean the glass and dry with kitchen roll.  I use hot water with a dash of white vinegar in.

- Repeat this for the outside

- Polish the ironmongery.  Get that letterbox gleaming

- If you have a step, sweep off the dirt.

- Stand back and be proud of your front door.

Try and incorporate this into your porch/hall cleaning routine.

Job done!

I'm getting some really positive comments on Twitter about my #tenmintask posts - what can you get done in 10 minutes?  Would you like to write a Guest 10 Minute Task Post?  Leave me a comment below

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