Friday, 18 April 2014

The Best Supermarket Deal

What do you do when more than one of the big supermarkets are running offers? Which is the best?  Which one do you go for?

Each offer needs weighing up to see how much you actually save.  If you are spending what you haven't got to save, then it's not a good offer for you.  However, if you usually spend the qualifying amount, then it could be a good deal for you.

Take the Morrison's £10
voucher Easter Payday offer  and the Tesco £5 helping hand offer as an example.

Morrison's give a voucher when you spend £40.  So the "cost" of the first two vouchers is £80.
Then to get £10 off at your next shop your basket needs to total £40.
You're going to get £10 back off that last basket so the overall spend is £110 with £10 of free goods.

Tesco give out a £5 helping hand voucher valid for the following week when you spend £40.
They seem to run this offer when Morrisons run the payday offer so....
The first week you spend £40 to get the £5 off for next week
The second week you spend £40 to get £5 off next week but you save £5 using last weeks voucher
and the third week is the same as the second week.
Overall you've spent £110 and gained £15 of free goods.

So based on that, Tesco is the better deal

Tesco also give a price difference coupon if your shop would have been cheaper elsewhere.  That's a whole different post though as one offer can really screw this up for you.

The key to working out an offer is to add up how much you have to spend and then minus the total of discount. 

Beware though it can all go wrong if you overspend whilst in there from straying from your list.

And remember that the big four do have great savings but they also have overpricing.  Twinings Tea Selection pack was £2.20 in Tesco.  It was 92p in Morrisons.

Savvy shopping is hard.  It takes time, memory and organisation.  Its best done without kids and when the supermarket is quiet!

What are your tips for savvy grocery shopping?  


  1. Our grocery bill is so much better when I send my husband. He doesn't stray from the list...I am terrible at that! I need to be more disciplined!

  2. Haha! I know what you mean, the number of times I'm stood in the aisle trying to work out if an offer is good or not. I almost filled the cupboard with beans the other day much to his disappointment, but he was much more enthusiastic today about the Beer offer I took advantage of!!

    Thanks for commenting, Michelle!



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