Friday, 11 April 2014

Stupid Things My Council Does - Week 1

I'm taking a break from ranting this week.  It's the Easter Holidays, 3 boys at home, I'm too chilled to rant!!  (ha!)

I regularly go on and on (and then some) about the council but this really is blogworthy.

Blackpool Council are giving out cards to dog owners who pick up their dogs poo.  The card says "Thanks for Doing Right".

I'm sure you probably re-read that to make sure I had typed Had rather than Hadn't.
The Gods Shining on My Dog who never leaves a Poo Behind!!

It is indeed someone's job to watch people pick up poo then go and say thanks.  They are then entered into a free draw for an annual Merlin pass. (the dog owner, not the employee hahah!)

If some jobsworth gave me a card for picking up MY dogs mess, I would calmly* suggest they spend their time and my council tax money focusing on the lowlifes that DON'T pick up poo - you know - the ones that actually break the law by letting their dogs foul.  The ones that could cause blindness to an innocent child who just wants to play on the local field.

*whilst Red Faced, Loud Voiced and Hand Waving Frantically 

Is this the most ridiculous thing you have heard today?

People at the council are losing their jobs because of cutbacks yet they are paying for personnel and printing to fund this stupid scheme!!!

Please back me up on this!  How stupid is this!!??

Is your council as ridiculous?

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