Friday, 4 April 2014

Free School Breakfast - No Thanks

My middle child's school provides a free breakfast for all pupils.  This is as a result of children going to school hungry.

Why are they going to school hungry?

Is it not a parents responsibility to feed and look after their children? I would go hungry myself before letting my sons go hungry.

Each day, at morning break they receive a bread product, a piece of fruit (which they have provided for at least the last 8 years anyway) and a bottle of water.

So why do I have a problem with this?

I feed my boys when they get up.  Always have, always will.  Then they take a packed lunch to school.  When they eat an extra bread roll or pancake they are not hungry enough at their lunch slot and they are not eating all their lunches.

This extra meal provided by school is interferring with a meal routine I have spent years developing.

I understand some kids don't get a meal but is providing this meal solving the problem?  I believe children should be looked after at home.  If school continue to pick up what is missed at home, the problem of it being missed will never be addressed. 

Please let me know your thoughts

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