Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Top 5 Thrifty Blogs

Much of my inspiration for money saving comes from reading the blogs of those on the same journey.  Some of the advice on those blogs has changed the way I have approached my mortgage pay off project and served me well when I've had quiet months work wise.

Top 5 Thrifty Blogs

These are my Top 5 Thrifty Blogs

Living Well Spending Less
This is an American Blog but most of the posts make perfect sense whether your in £££ or $$$.  Loads of to the point how to posts here to keep you on track and a huuuuuuuge Thrifty Thursday Linky where over 300 thrifty posts are linked up each week.

From Aldi to Harrods
Just discovered this last week and I'm loving it!  From tips on how to make £1000 in one month to posts telling you when to post on eBay for free.  I'm currently reading through old posts on here and my favourite has to be How To Sell Your Smelly Shoes on eBay.  You will not believe it! 

Mortgage Free in Three
I've spoken about Elaine's blog recording her journey of paying off her mortgage and living a debt free life.  Last month Elaine make a phenomenal amount of money and also shared some fantastic ideas for both making and saving money.

Utterly Scrummy Food for Families
A great source for low cost recipes.  If you're struggling with your meal planning or need a tight week, get over and have a read as Michelle seriously knows how to keep the cost of the weekly shop down and her family eat really healthy food.

A Thifty Mrs
This is the first thrifty blog I came across and I love the household advice on here.  I now know how to launder my towels correctly and mix up cheaper cleaning solutions.  A mine of advice and also a source of sales alerts and bargain buy news.  Invaluable, you must subscribe to this one to know about the offers asap.

 So that's what I read and what keeps me on track.  How about you - what's your favourite thrifty blog?

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