Friday, 18 May 2012

Car Boot or Ebay?

The house is once again at breaking point.  It is full of, well I could use a few words here but I'll go for - things we've grown out of.

We've got toys, clothes, equipment, all sorts all piled up everywhere.  It has to go.  And this time I mean go.  My mum lives in a four bedroomed house specifically to house all our stuff.  It started off as just my stuff, but we're all storing there now!  Unless I she's got a desire to end up on a hoarders documentary on my behalf, I have to take drastic action to rid us of stuff we just don't use.

But where?

For sure, it has to be sold.  Loads of the stuff has either been played with or worn once then discarded. (Pet hate - kids opening toys to play with them once.  Don't unwrap it!!! Regift it!!!!)  There is so much stuff that I reckon we could pay for two of us to go on holiday easily.

But How?

We're divided on this.  One of us believes in car boots.  One of us believes in Ebay.

So, lets examine who's going to win this...

Early Start - Ebay Wins
Cost to Sell - Car Boot Wins
Speed of Clearance - Car Boot Wins
Extra Costs - Car Boot Wins (several teas and a breakfast are cheaper than packaging materials)
Price Obtained - Ebay Wins 

So, have I missed anything?  It looks like a car boot is the easiest, quickest way to clear the house.  But will I get a decent amount of money?

I've never done a car boot.  I've only been to about 4 and that was under duress, I may add.  I'd be really grateful if you could leave me a few comments with your advice of Car Boot Do's and Don'ts.  I don't feel prepared at all!!

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