Wednesday, 23 May 2012

My Homework Hell

I know kids need to have homework and on the whole I know why.

But do they have to have it when they are 4?

Is a reading book not enough?

I understand it is to get them into the habit of doing homework, but with a disillusioned 10 year old as an example, the homework battle is really getting too much to bear.

I've had two conversations with other parents just this week about the dreaded Learning Log.  As a free learning type book with hints on what we should fill it with, it really is becoming somewhat of a parents competition.  Particularly when good examples are put on display for all parents to see.  (although, actually, I was quite proud when my efforts - I mean Thing 2's efforts - were on display!)

And the way I see it is that the best learning logs are rewarded with The coveted Bear and His Diary for the evening.  Even more pressure to put on a good show, to win The Bear they all want!  We've only ever got The Bear when we've gone over and above on the homework front.

I'm drained by it.  My hobby has had to become homework.  Although that said, I reckon I'm almost on to the next stage of reading books!

What are your thoughts on Key Stage 1 Homework?  Is it just me being reluctant to teach or do you feel the pressures to perform?  I'd love to hear what you think

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