Monday, 21 May 2012

Meal Planning Monday - The Gluten Free Week

Little known fact that one of us in the house is intolerant to gluten.  It's not been diagnosed as full on Coelliac disease but a gluten free diet certainly helps.

So every so often I go all out to try and cook gluten free meals for a week.

If you've tried Gluten free meals, you will understand how a) difficult and b) monotonous this is.  Gluten free food is typically dry and the processed food often tastes metalllic.  Don't get me wrong there are wonderful gluten free foods out there such as Warburtons new Gluten Free Bread Range and the Tesco Free From Range is very good.  But it really is trial and error in finding the good stuff.

So this week, we will be eating:

Slow Cooked Gluten Free Hot Pot

Chicken and Mushroom Pie with Mash Topping

Roast Dinner
(No great skill required on this one - just use gluten free gravy mix)

Gluten Free Chillli Con Carne with Rice

Tesco Free From Fish Fingers, chips and home made mushy peas (why? cos the tinned ones can have gluten in)

It'll all go Pete Tong with a Takeaway!!


  1. I admire your perseverance, must be such a pain. You've still got a varied and interesting meal plan though :) Have a good week!

  2. Being gluten free is a pain, I am gluten free *sob* but it does get easier accept eating out :-( Nice gluten free menu, may stop by :-)

    1. Ali, do they have Bella Pasta near you?

      There's a couple in Blackpool and they do gluten free.

    2. Ali, do you have a Bella Pasta restaurant near you?

      I'm not sure if they're just in Blackpool, but they do gluten free.

  3. Thanks for your comments (and support!)

    I was a bit scuppered before those Knorr Jelly Stock Pots came out. They make adapting traditional recipes a lot easier.

    I want to get to Freedom Deli in Darwen too as I believe they have Gluten free meals.



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