Saturday, 12 May 2012

F1 2012: Spain

I'm not big on sport.  I only like two - Formula One and Ice Hockey!

But I do love, love, love the both of them and this weekend the BBC have coverage of the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona - Hurray! I hear the Sky Haters Cry!!

So, what've we got in store this weekend, other than DC in a pair of tight jeans and EJ's latest fashion statement?

Jenson Button in his McLaren was fastest in the second practice session with Sebastien Vettel and his Red Bull in second. 

I'm cynical when it comes to Vettel.  If he doesn't get fastest in practice, I reckon he's holding something back and will come good in qualifying and bag the pole, much to my disappointment.

Rosberg is continuing to beat Schumacher, bagging 3rd fastest whilst the old man managed 8th.  That must hurt!! 

And the dark horses of this year Lotus Renault (is it a Lotus, is it a Renault, is it a Caterham?)  have again come through brilliantly, taking 5th and 6th fastest.  The performance of Grosjean shows it is a car to be reckoned with and not just the phenomenal driving skills of my favourite driver of all time, Kimi Raikkonen.
And Ferrari.  Well, not much to say really other than I bet they're kicking themselves that they Let Kimi Go/Sacked Kimi (delete as you believe correct!)

So, what are my predictions for today's qualifying session....

Pole: Vettell
2nd:  Button
3rd:  Webber

I think the Red Bull Team are going to start kicking ass again now Vettel has eaten some humble pie and switched to Mark Webber's set up.

Practice 3 Update!  I'm watching on the red button and Grosjean has just stopped and is out of 3rd practice.

I'll update this post after Qualifying with my predictions for the race.

Well! I clearly did not, like Button and Webber, see that coming!!

In hindsight, I underestimated Alonso's "Senna-like" ability to draw on a home crowds enthusiasm.

But 8th for Vettel!! I am amazed.

Brilliant driving from Maldonado, I just hope we don't have a first corner smash given his history with Hamilton.

So, for those that didn't watch...

1. Hamilton
2. Maldonado
3. Alonso

(and Kimi is in 5th if you were wondering)

So my predictions for the race:

1. Alonso
2. Hamilton
3. Railkonen

Monday: Well. What can I say! Maybe I'll give the predictions a miss next week and try horse racing!

The final result was:

1. Maldonado
2. Alonso
3. Raikonnen

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