Friday, 18 May 2012

Gluten Free Chilli Con Carne

This dish really does taste exactly the same whether gluten free or not.  It can also be made in the slow cooker or just on the hob.  I tend to make it on the hob in the morning, then I can have it on a Jacket Potato for dinner and with rice for tea.

This makes an absolute pile of the stuff.  I usually get at least 3, usually 4 freezer portions out of it.  So value wise it's also fab!!

1.5kg Minced Beef
3 tins of plum tomatoes
1 carton of pasatta
2 tins of red kidney beans
1 sachet of Mild Chilli Powder (If you buy the refill box, it's one of those sachets)
2 Knorr Rich Beef Stock Pots


1.  Brown the mince in batches and drain off the fat

2.  Put the mince in a large stockpot and sprinkle over the chilli powder.  

3.  Put the tomatoes, the pasatta and the rinsed (don't forget to rinse!) kidney beans  in the pan.  Chop the plum tomatoes up with a pair of scissors (I use plum rather than chopped tomatoes as I find it provides a richer sauce rather than watery)

4. Mix it all up and stir in the jelly stock pots

5.  Cook for about 2 1/2 hours on the hob or 6 hours in the slow cooker.

6.  Serve with rice.

I usually taste it after about an hour and if it's not spicy enough, I add more chilli powder.

This tastes great after its been frozen.

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