Friday, 11 May 2012

Claire Sheehan P.I. - Always on Duty

It's very easy to mis-identify someone you haven't met.

On valentines day this year, I was lucky enough to be beered and dined at Portofino's in Lytham. Imagine my horror when I spotted a guy fitting the description of my best friends new beau - sat with not my best friend!!!

Well, it almost ruined my meal!!

I got over my fear of Asparagus (for which I fully blame Carol Vorderman's detox diet) and I tucked into my huuuuuge bowl of pasta. Then I remembered and put my private detective skills into practice!

I lounged across the table whilst having my photo taken. Except the camera just missed me and got mystery man! (Next year I will wear my flowery hat-cam, just in case)

I was then distracted by a gooey chocolate dessert before leaving to quiz my son who had actually met Mystery Man ("He's really nice. He's got all the sky channels!")

So Thing One was prevented from sleeping until we had an ID. And it was positive!!

Then I ummed and ahhed for a bit before texting my best friend. I waited for the text back with baited breath, preparing several consolidatory messages.

"That's not him!!! He's fat!" She was offended. So much so that I have been informed I am now her 7th friend. Oh the shame.

I've still not met him - and it's May!!!

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