Sunday, 20 May 2012

Guest Post: Stuffy and Posh? Nah, Not This Wine School

Last week's episode of BBC1's The Apprentice (the English Sparkling Wine
episode) has done me no favours at all.

I was quite optimistic that wine on such a high rating show would bring me a
few more bookings, particularly as they were showing wine tastings.

They showed the stereotypical stuffy Englishman talking to the educated
toff. Exactly the people that don't come to my wine tastings. But exactly
the image that puts people off trying a wine tasting session.

I'm more for the Adams of the world.

Wine Tasting - Easy Going and Relaxed
You see, people who know about wine don't need to come on a tasting. It's
not my job to sternly correct you when you forget to hold the glass by the
base, it's my job to answer your questions, suggest wines for you to try and
fill you in on the background of the samples you like.

The tastings I hold are fun. The feedback and number of returning customers
tells me so. It's relaxed, friendly and a good social event. I always
enjoy running the events and I have met some great characters.

To persuade readers of My Cava Lifestyle that The Lancashire Wine School is
a relaxed, leisurely way to enjoy wine, I've reduced my Saturday Wine School
by 20% for all readers.

The day starts at 11am and includes a sumptuous two course lunch at the
highly recommended Glendower Hotel in St Anne's.  Here's a typical menu


Smoked Salmon, Asparagus & Soft Poached Egg with Toasted Brioche
Pressed Ham Hock & Greenfield's Lancashire Cheese Terrine with Tomato Chutney
Grilled Goats' Cheese, Pickled Walnuts & Confit Tomato Salad


Char-Grilled Chicken Breast with Chorizo, Sauté New Potatoes & Green Beans
Rump of Pendle Lamb with Blackpudding Beignet, Thyme & Port Jus. Mint Scented Mash & Roasted Vegetables
Fillet of Cod with Fresh Herb Crust New Potatoes, Wilted Greens & Lemon Butter Sauce
Roasted Vegetable Wellington with Rocket Parmesan & Cherry Tomato Salad

Book on, come along and if you don't enjoy it - I'll give you your money

Here's the link to book 20% off Saturday Wine School  The next school runs on the 21st of July but there are other dates available.

I hope you do take up my offer, I really feel I need to save the reputation of wine tasting after that episode!

Colin Burbidge
The Lancashire Wine School

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