Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Hosepipe Ban - So What!

Whilst flicking through twitter earlier, I happened upon a tweet from @geekisnewchic blogger Sian To. It said

"They've dug a 6ft deep hole to find the water table. They scoop the water using bowls before carrying back home. #ShareNiger"

Sian is in Niger with @LizScarff and World Vision to raise awareness of the horrific conditions people are just about surviving in. Their journey can be followed on twitter by searching on the hashtag #shareniger

We've has two days of good weather. Our underground water stocks haven't recovered over the winter, so it won't be long before a hosepipe ban is imposed. And people will moan, people will feel hard done to but really it doesn't compare does it?

I urge you to follow Sian and Liz's Journey and be grateful for what you have, be that a dirty car, a dead hanging basket or a dry, brown lawn. You still have safe water to drink hosepipe ban or not. Your family's health will not be at risk and it's all conveniently piped to your home.

I will never complain about a hosepipe ban after reading that short, hopeless tweet.

More reports from Niger can be read on Sian's blog Geek is The New Chic

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