Saturday, 28 July 2012

The International Instruction Register

I have got a drawer full, crammed full of instruction books for various appliances and toys, some of which we don't even own anymore.

And I suspect everyone has the same drawer of instructions.

Lost Instructions

I've several issues with this...

1)  If they were just in English, they wouldn't take up so much room

2)  Even if I was organised and put them in a file, in alphabetical order, they'd still be taking up space.

3)  If I scan them into the computer, I'll still probably never use them and they'll take up room again.

4)  If I ever need instructions, they will be the ones I threw away.

So my solution to this is an International Instruction Register.  Most manufacturers do have their instructions online for people like me who periodically (read habitually) lose things, so I think all instructions should be available for download from one site that is the International Instruction Register.  And I would have a kitchen drawer to play with.

What do you think?

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