Thursday, 12 July 2012

Dilemma: The Case of The Disappearing Tenants

Now I know this dilemma is going to cause masses of controversy. But hear me out.


I have rented my house out to both people on benefits and people not. All but 1 of the 4 people on benefits was habitually late paying the rent, left the house in an unacceptable condition and absconded. One left it in such a state that it needed total refurbishment.

Now, before the outraged comments are posted, I KNOW not all people are the same. I know good people are struggling on benefits because they have no other option.


Do I rent my house out to someone reliant on housing benefit (which i can do pretty much tomorrow) or do I hold out until I find someone who is not dependent on benefits?

What's your advice?

What would you do given that the bond for damages is never enough to rectify the damage in the past?

Who would you let your house to?

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