Tuesday, 10 July 2012

It Only Takes Pennies to Help

Starting on Saturday the 14th of July for one month, the charity Piggy Bank Kids are asking for loose change to support their vital work at the Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory.

The laboratory, based in Edinburgh, research complications encountered in pregnancy and childbirth, particularly those associated with early labour.

As charity campaigns go, this really has to be as simple as it gets! The majority of us have loose change lying around and this is what it could pay for:

£5 pays for a pack of centrifuge tubes or disposable petri dishes

£25 pays for an hour of a research midwife’s time in supporting new parents

£150 pays for a day’s work from a lab technician, taking the Laboratory one step closer to those vital breakthroughs.

It's unlikely we'll have £150 of loose change lying around but if we all work together, it is so achievable and such vital work.

Here's where I'm starting my change hunt..

1) car ashtray

2) coat pockets

3) all my handbags including posh going out ones that only come out every blue moon

4) the sofa

5) pockets of all my trousers, skirts and suits

6) pockets of everyone else's trousers and suits

I am also going to "round up" when i'm shopping and throw that into the charity pot for the month. (when I'm shopping, say it's £23.45, I'll put 55p into my Project Mortgage Payoff savings pot)

It's a fantastically worthwhile cause and I urge you to do a loose change hunt and see if you can help.



  1. Thank you for supporting the cause, we're taking part too. It's such an easy idea and the kids are getting all excited about going on a penny hunt!

    1. I'm all for anything that doesn't involve breaking a sweat!!

      And don't the kids love penny hunting!! I've been missing a trick for years with that one!



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