Saturday, 7 July 2012

Project Mortgage Payoff: Shopping Challenge

The biggest expense in our house is food.

We waste too much and I buy on the hoof.  I know I meal plan every Monday but I do usually lose my way by Tuesday or Wednesday.

So this week's challenge is a double challenge really!

a) Do a meal plan and stick to it

b) Shop at Aldi rather than Tesco

Now when I say, I can save £100 shopping at Aldi rather than Tesco, I know most of you will be like "yeah, right, £100!!" Seriously yes.  Aldi is such better value and the fruit and vegetables are much better quality.  The meat lasts longer and the frozen fish is not only unbeatable value but it tastes fresh and moist.

So, if you're with me on this challenge, shop at Aldi this week and see what you can save.

There are some brands such as Warburton's bread (35-47p cheaper than Morrisons and the Co-op) but most of the own brands really are just as good.  (just like the advert says!)

Let me know what you think.

If its not for you, let me know

If you find any delicious food at Aldi or any great bargains, share it below!

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