Wednesday, 25 July 2012

5 Free Ways to Entertain The Kids

We're not even through the first week and already I bet you've had the opportunity to spend a fortune on entertainment. 

Well here's my top five ways to entertain for free!!

1.  Movie Quiz.
I've seen most of the kids films over and over again.  So much so, I can write a quiz on it.  So I did.

2. Decend on a Friend
You can repay the favour, it's not as cheeky as it sounds!

3. Bike Ride (or scooter ride)
Take a picnic and plenty of drinks to avoid the spend at the end.

4. Clear the Decks
Get the wardrobes cleared out of stuff that doesn't fit and get the toys they've outgrown ready for either car booting or ebaying.

5. Independence Day
I love this activity.  Put up a tent in the garden (If you don't have one, use chairs and sheets), let the kids make their own picnic and sit back and put your feet up.  I usually write out a scavenger hunt in preparation for a longer feet up.

What do you do that costs nothing?  I'd love to hear your ideas - I've another five weeks to get through!

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