Friday, 20 July 2012

School Holidays 2012: Week One

It's here!

The moment I have prepared for! I need to stay calm and be a perfect mother continually for six whole weeks!!

If you're wondering what I'm on about, read my last 2 School Holiday posts. (one week to go) (two weeks to go)

So here's the plan for next week which will be pinned to each child. I've not designated a day due to the crazy, crazy weather.

Shopping. With me, but each with their own list

Painting a canvas (inspired by Scottish Mum, have a read of her fab blog)

A picnic on the beach and mosey round the RNLI lifeboat centre

Set up an instagram account each. It seems to be a life skill nowadays.

Prepare and cook a dinner from this weeks Meal Planning Monday Mebu with minimal input but lots of supervision from me

A recky of the new (ish) indoor high wire indoor activity centre

Tidy bedrooms in preparation for next weeks sleepover

Movie Morning. Popcorn, smoothies, cushions, blankets and marshmallows . A recharging the batteries activity.

Gardening. Let's sort out last years potato crop.

Visit friends

Hopefully this is enough activity for the first week.

As this is the first week, I'll be feeding back if it's a Hit or a Miss.

What will you be up to?

Are any of the activities above appealing to you?

Can I pinch any ideas from you? I've another FIVE weeks!!

Please, please leave your comments below!!

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