Monday, 23 July 2012

Meal Planning Monday - Meals on Foot

This week is a double challenge - I need to make an extra portion and provide meals on foot for an ailing relative AND constantly feed hungry boys.

So here's the plan...

Wednesday: Jacket Potatoes, Pizza Snails and Home Made Colslaw

Friday: Olympic Buffet 

Saturday:  Hey, Hey Takeaway

Sunday: BBQ (optimistic, but it's been such a long time!!)

These are all things which its easy to make too much of and the Olympic Buffet is more olympic themed rather than size and will give us something to do during the day, rather than ask "is it starting yet" all day long.

If none of the above gets your mouth watering, hop on over to Mrs M's Blog where there's loads more meal plans on show!

Have a fab week!



  1. Love the sound of the Olympic buffet! What food will you be serving? x

  2. The plan so far is pizza with Olympic ring coloured toppings, sandwiches from different countries complete with little flags and buffet type thinks like satay sticks, garlic bread & or course mini hot dogs.

    All nutritionally sound! (not!!)



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