Thursday, 12 July 2012

Thursday is Grazebox Day!

Yay!! This week has gone so fast!

This week I've been treated to...

Habas Tapas - jumbo chilli maize & chilli broad beans.

Summer Berry Compote with Wholemeal English Shortbread

Jaffa Cake - (sadly not a pack of) - Belgian dark choc, orange sultanas and roasted Hazlenuts

Poached Pear with Vanilla - Pear, vanilla Pumpkin Seeds and Lemon Sultanas

Quite a variety eh?

I'm not a fan of seeds and despite my thinking I'd updated my preferences , I keep getting a seedy snack.

I'm troughing the Jaffa Cake box as we speak and if you eat all elements together it is a bit Jaffa Cakey but not really a substitute for the real thing!! The orange sultanas are a lovely flavour but are quite dry. I prefer my sultanas juicy!

The Compote & Shortbread comes with 3 pieces of shortbread and is ideal for shoving in your handbag for a traffic jam snack, as are all the Graze Nibbleboxes.

If you fancy trying a Grazebox, click through and use the code 97NFJ4ND

And you'll get a free box!!

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