Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Care Home Loans

So in 2015, in three years time, the government will offer a state loan to people who need to move into care homes so they don't have to sell their homes immediately.

Apart from, by the governments own admission, the fact that they don't know where the money is coming from to fund the scheme, this has got to be up there on the Badly Thought Out Plan Chart.

So a person who needs care moves out of their home, into a care home and they don't need to sell their home immediately, they can use a state Loan to pay for their care.

They're still paying despite paying into "the system" for years.

Their house will stand empty despite a housing shortage across the country.

The house will fall into disrepair, costing the owner in the care home unnecessarily.

Is it me, or Is this another badly thought out government plan which we solve nothing?

And that's not to mention the number of overpaid civil servants/tax fiddling ministers that have been paid to come up with this tosh!!

Please. Tell me what you think. Am I ranting or does this just not make sense?


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