Friday, 13 July 2012

School Holidays 2012: T -1 week!

Only five more days of guaranteed peace and quiet. Sigh.

As declared on my last School Holiday 2012 post, I am determined to plan my way through the long holidays so as not to hear "What Are We Doing Today?" whine.

So During my last week of sanity, I mean peace and quiet, I will be preparing and making a great big organised file full of resources.

I will be ready, come rain or shine, to whip out entertainment.

So what will be in the file? I know you're dying to know (you are aren't you? humour the Blue Peter Presenter part of my personality, please!)

1. 3 scavenger hunt sheets. Each with 50 (yes 50 things to find)

2. Puzzle sheets (to pass time while I get ready!)

3. Six main meal recipes. (what? Yes. I will teach them to cook!)

4. Face painting ideas & pictures. The are actually not big fans of face painting but might be if allowed to do it themselves. Worth a try.

5. Six cold dessert recipes

6. Favourite Film twenty question sheets

7. Flags of the world. How many can you name?

8. A pile of photos to make a little scrapbook.

9. Logos quiz. Totally inspired by the iPhone game!

10. Consequences. A game I adored when I was little. It really deserves its own post!

So that's enough back up for one week I reckon.

I'll keep adding stuff as I think of it.

What quick and easy pastimes to your kids enjoy?

Please post your ideas below.

Together we can get through it!!

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