Friday, 6 July 2012

School Holidays 2012: T -2 Weeks

I love school holidays. It valuable time to be relished. Time when I don't have to get road rage every morning from battling through a maze of Blackpool's worst drivers.

(Surely you knew I wasn't going to say something sentimental about childhood then?!?!)

The six week stretch of non-schoolness is however quite stressful when you are asked every single day at the crack of dawn "What are we doing today?"

Well this year, I will be prepared. Oooooh yessss!

I am, in an OCD kind of way, going to put together a schedule of activities and I shall pin it (safety pin, of course) to each child at the start of each week.

Ideas so far are mainly cost free.

Visiting relatives
Visiting friends
Having friends over
Baking day
Gardening day
Beach day
Clear out your room day & play with everything you forgot you had day
School project day

I'm not so mean that I won't take them for days out, I will.

(Ahem! Any Blackpool attractions wanting an honest review, please don't hesitate to get in touch - - thank you!)

So each Friday I'll be posting a list of activities for the following week with thriftiness always in mind!!

What have you got planned for the summer hols?

Have you any suggestions to share?

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