Thursday, 5 July 2012

Dilemma: The Case of The Slow Cleaners

This week I was faced with a right dilemma which quite frankly made my blood boil.

Here it is:

I was quoted £64 for my rental property to be cleaned. The owner and her supervisor assessed the property with me and quoted 4 hours work to be undertaken on Friday and finished by lunchtime so the carpets could be steam cleaned.

I received an answer phone message at 2.47pm stating, it was a mess, it took 8 hours therefore the bill will be double. £128. Due to this, the carpets will now be cleaned on Saturday.

Background info:

The woodwork, kitchen and bathroom needed cleaning. There is hardly any furniture and I had been there last week to paint the walls. It was not 8 hours of work. It was dusty & the bathroom had about 3 weeks of grime. Admittedly the daft letting agent turned off the electric so the fridge freezer needed cleaning out but I reckon 30 minutes tops.


Should I pay the £64 as agreed or pay the £128 I have been invoiced?

What would you do?

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