Sunday, 8 July 2012

Instagram - Not Another Cup of Coffee?

I'm usually quite close the the bandwagon on new stuff but Instagram has well and truly passed me by.

I don't get it.

I follow people on Twitter that use it fanatically and post all their pictures.  Some are lovely, very arty and all that but most seem to be of lattes and cappucinos.

Why is that?  Am I missing something.

Also, there's a gorgeous photo of myself (if I say so myself) aged about five in my Gran's back garden. It was taken with a Polaroid and it does now look instagrammy.  I'm wondering why I would want photos of my children looking like they were taken around 1980?  With all the HD and leaps and bounds in technology, I'm quite chuffed when we get a really clear, detailled photo of them.  I don't see why I would want to "old it up"

So, I know I'm missing the point.  And I understand if every comment left starts with "You're missing the point...." (in fact, I will find that highly amusing!)  but why is instagram so great?  What should I be doing with it that I'm not?

All help desperately needed and appreciated!

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